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Ready for a thrilling adventure? Cubic Escape Rooms in Sydney brings you an unforgettable experience! Dive into one of our award-winning, immersive stories, explore the secrets that lie within and test your wits with high-tech puzzles.

Our Escape Rooms in Sydney are guaranteed to put your courage and imagination to the test. Are you ready for an incredible experience that could take you from a crime-solving detective in a psych ward to an astronaut in space or a gatekeeper in the underworld? Get set for a maximum adrenaline rush as our themed rooms bring out your inner hero!

Experience the thrill of an escape room in Sydney 

Perfect for date night, family fun time, team building with colleagues or bonding with friends — you’re sure to leave feeling exhilarated! 

Take the plunge and treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Reach out for more info and book an escape room in Sydney today.


People dies every day, but some people do not want to go to underworld to become the lost souls of this living mortal world. You are a living person living in this world, and your daily task is to send those lost souls back to their path of reincarnation. This time a lost soul has appeared again, can you complete the task?
No roleplay element but cosplay is optional!! Non-linear puzzles, Unique story setting, Logical Thinking tested!
Space: 60m2
Capacity: 2-8 people
Time Limit: 90 minutes
Age Limit: suitable for 15 and over.
Horror: 1/5
Success rate:??%
Warning: This game contains horror element (rating as 1/5), also jump scare involves.


A psychology hospital, a deadly murder, a raging thunderstorm, and you, the innocent bystanders. One thing is for certain – there’s no way in and no way out. Hurry! The clock is ticking…
Can you crack the case and find the truth before everything is too late?
Roleplayer involved !! Choose your character and step into the case! A killer on the loose and a trail of clues. Can you solve the case?
Space: 32m2

Capacity: 3-8 people

Time Limit: 80 minutes
Age Limit: suitable for 12 and over, you will need to have at least 2 members over 15.
Success rate:22%
Warning: Cosplay required in this game.


In 2052, you have been recruited to join Rainbow Galactic’s team of astronauts under the Project Delta Agreement. Your mission is to fly onboard spaceship Venus and carry biological clone experiments on other terrestrial planets to achieve space colonization through genetic engineering. Will you be able to revolutionize the entire human race or will the project’s dark secrets consume you first?
Perfect balance of immersive effect, storyline, puzzles and mechanicals! An astronaut adventure in space! Huge trap behind the truth!
Space: 53m2

Capacity: 2-9 people

Time Limit: 90 minutes
Age Limit: suitable for 12 and over, you will need to have at least 2 members over 15.
Success rate:15%
Warning: Parts of the gameplay contains flashing lights and may trigger seizures for people with epilepsy.



Unlock the mysteries of the mind with “Memento,” an immersive escape room adventure where you delve into the memories and emotions of others. In a journey where every memory unlocks a piece of the puzzle, you will navigate through emotional landscapes, uncovering stories left unspoken, and secrets kept in the recesses of the mind.

Embark on a cerebral exploration with “Memento” – where memories are the key, and emotions pave the way to discovery. Your mind-bending journey starts here.

Space: 32m2

Capacity: 2-6 people


-Padlock-Free Design;

-A Story to Touch the Soul;

-Friendly for Beginners;

All-Occasion Adventure; Ideal for all group types – friends, family, partners, or colleagues

Enjoy a storytelling adventure at a relaxed pace in this room. There’s no time pressure, no limit on clues, and no records will be taken in this room.

This is not a horror room. But mechanical effects may produce light effects and sudden noises, potentially resulting in unexpected scares. Our staff is happy to provide precautions if this is a concern of you.

Age Limit: Suitable for ages 8 and above. Players under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Success rate:22%