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About Us

Welcome to Cubic Escape Sydney

Since our inception in October 2021, Cubic Escape Sydney has been committed to redefining the escape room experience with our distinctive style. Our rooms blend high-tech features and mechanical puzzles with engrossing storyline, offering a 70-90 minute journey unlike any other.


Contrarian: By daring to infuse creativity into our storylines, puzzles, and mechanical designs, we ensure that each room offers a fresh, unique, and immersive experience.


Unparalleled Rooms: Within competitive pricing, we stand out with more advanced and mechanical effects, ensuring exceptional value for our customers.


Bonded Puzzle: All the puzzles are connected with the storyline, logical and well designed. Players can deduce the complete story plot and eggs based on the information and prop setting given by the puzzle.


Illuminate: here to witness miracles in different thoughts, different combination of high-tech, mechanicals and puzzles.


Customization: We provide a variety of themes to cater different groups of players, and there is always a game can stimulate your interests.

Our Reviews

One of the best escape room experiences I have done, definitely different to anything else I've done before (have completed many rooms myself). Would highly recommend to all escape room enthusiasts!
Ryen Sadeque
Amazing game. Did "The recording device" and the suspense and thrill was worth it. The game was laid out with a high level of intracacy. The mystery had many plot twist and above all, very well made. Highly recommended.
Truong Nguyen
Did our first room at Cubic escape today and had so much fun! The room was really well themed and the story is engaging and interactive! The puzzles in the room all work really well with the theme and there's lots of fun little twists that kept us engaged and excited. We have done over 60 rooms now and would definitely recommend Cubic! Can't wait to come back!
Chelsea Thompson
Having done many escape rooms, the Project Delta room was one of the most well made and unique escape rooms I've done with completely different mechanics to other rooms and a very detailed and immersive theme. A lot of effort has clearly been put into this room. Can't wait to try their others. Staff were friendly too!
Aaron Ting
1st time doing an Escape room! Omg!! Sooooo! Much! Fun!!! 100% recommend!!! Staff so friendly! Must try if it’s your 1st time!
Simran Newar