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Large Group Escape

For Large Groups: Ideal for corporate team building, social parties of at least 15 persons, or birthday celebrations with a minimum of 10 guests.
Corporate team building
Birthday parties
Social parties
We host events for all kinds of groups

Ready for an unforgettable adventure? Step into Sydney’s premier narrative-focused escape room theatre. Perfect for corporate team-building sessions, celebrating special events, or enjoying a day out with family and friends, our escape rooms offer a memorable experience that will be cherished for all the right reasons.

We can comfortably accommodate large gatherings of up to 23 people across 3 rooms. Experience the heart-warming story of a family of four, delve into a thrilling crime investigation in a hospital, or venture into space as an astronaut with a storyline full of twists. We promise an award-winning and immersive experience that will leave you awestruck.

“Please use this form to request a quote for your unforgettable adventure at Sydney's premier narrative-focused escape room theatre. To ensure we can tailor the perfect experience for your group, kindly provide as much detail as possible in your form. We strive to respond within 5 hours. Please note that responses may be delayed on Mondays as we are closed on that day.”
Your memorable adventure starts here

Our Room 1 – Project Delta offers a challenging space-themed adventure. This room combines high-tech elements and creative puzzles with a complex storyline and immersive effects. This pad-lock free experience is ideal for a maximum of 9 people, though 4-6 players are recommended for the best experience. Featuring a fully high-tech environment with great puzzle design and an engaging storyline set on a spaceship, Project Delta is perfect for team-building, demanding both collaboration and puzzle-solving skills.

For more details, please visit Project Delta page.

Our room 2: The Recording Device at Cubic Escape Sydney is an engaging escape room experience set in a psychiatric hospital, framed by a mysterious murder and a thunderstorm. This room combines puzzle-solving and murder mystery elements, where players choose roles and gather clues to uncover a hidden killer. This room is suitable up to 8 people (recommended 4-5).

For more details, please visit The Recording Device page.

Our room 3: Memento is an immersive escape room adventure, focusing on narrative and emotional exploration. Players delve into memories and emotions, unlocking puzzles that are integral to the storyline. This pad-lock free experience is beginner-friendly and suitable for various group types, including friends, family and colleagues. With accommodation up to 6 people, Memento offers a relaxed, pressure-free experience, perfect for groups seeking a thoughtful and engaging adventure.

For more details, please visit Memento page.

  • Of course, Cubic Escape Sydney is perfect for team building with companies, families, and friends. Please contact us to discuss your needs before making a booking.
  • Of course! In all our games, group members must work together as a team to solve each puzzle and escape.
  • Yes, we will try our best to adjust your games so that they can start at the same time and minimize the waiting time for group members. Please let us know as early as possible so we can make arrangement for you.
  • If your group size is within the maximum capacity of your chosen room, it’s possible. However, for an optimal experience where all team members can actively participate, we recommend adhering to our suggested capacity and splitting larger groups across multiple rooms.

Our maximum capacity across all rooms is 29 people. The capacity for each room is as follows:

  • The Soul Catcher – 6 players (Recommended 4-5).
  • Project Delta- 9 players (Recommended 4-6).
  • Recording Device- 8 players (Recommended 4-5).
  • Memento- 6 players (Recommended 4-5).

Room previews are not available, as only players scheduled to play are allowed entry. However, you’re welcome to visit our waiting area. Please call us in advance to ensure the best time for your visit.

For any general questions, please see here.