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Cubic escape rooms are a captivating fusion of mystery and adventure, where participants are tasked with solving intricate puzzles to unlock the secrets hidden within. Imagine being immersed in a three-dimensional puzzle, where every twist and turn leads you closer to unraveling a thrilling mystery.

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“The best escape room award in China in 2017”

Cubicescape is a story-based escape room that originated from Shanghai, China in December of 2012. Our mission is to use an escape room as a medium for storytelling to deliver a high-quality immersive entertainment experience. We specialize in game design, game research, puzzle props manufacturing and retail operation. Our escape rooms are present in all major cities in China and recently we have opened new escape rooms in United Kingdom in London, England, as well as in U.S.A in San Jose, Califonia. Now we are extremely excited to open our first escape rooms in Australia in Sydney, New South Wales.

We believe that a great escape room experience is beyond just puzzle solving. In our rooms, we take a lot of pride to craft and blend our stories with the puzzles, much like movie watching. The puzzles you and your team solve together will move the story forward and be prepared for a fun and emotional ride that may end up in tears or surprise.

Many of our rooms have been featured in international media like Global Times and have been awarded the best escape room award in China in 2017.

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Our Escape Rooms in Sydney are guaranteed to put your courage and imagination to the test. Are you ready for an incredible experience that could take you from a crime-solving detective in a psych ward to an astronaut in space or a gatekeeper in the underworld? Get set for a maximum adrenaline rush as our themed rooms bring out your inner hero!

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What drives us

We always go the extra mile to create awesome escape room experiences...

Our Mission

Our goal is to foster stronger connections… When you participate in one of our escape room adventures, we strive to either assist you in A) forming relationships or B) reinforcing existing ones. This is why we ask players to leave their cell phones and other distractions behind before entering our fully immersive sets. Our adventures will test your group’s ability to communicate effectively, stay fully engaged, and celebrate achievements together—three of the five essential tips to excel in the art of escape. We prioritize teamwork and aim to cultivate a culture of collaboration for both our employees and customers.

Our Vision

At Cubic Escape Room, we have a clear vision of what constitutes an exceptional escape room experience. Our perspective may differ from that of other escape rooms across the nation, but when players engage in our games and depart with a thrilling experience and joyful expressions, we are confident that we are heading in the right direction. Without further ado, here are the six key factors that define a remarkable escape room!