Project Delta

Are you looking for your next corporate social event? Upcoming birthday party? Or are you planning a night out with your mates and want to try something different from the usual dinner and drinks? Why not give our Project Delta outer space escape room a crack?

Enter Project Delta —

Our Space Escape Room

Picture this — it’s 2052, and you’re the latest recruit to join Rainbow Galactic’s team of astronauts for Project Delta. Your mission? You must fly onboard the spaceship Venus and carry biological clone experiments to other terrestrial planets to achieve space colonisation through genetic engineering.

The question is — will you be able to revolutionise the human race, or will the project’s dark secrets get to you first?

Our space escape room is the perfect balance of an immersive experience, a compelling storyline and complex puzzles for you and your buddies to work together to solve. A fair warning — this outer space escape room is not for the faint of heart! With a high difficulty scoring and success rate of 15%, do you have what it takes to complete a successful mission?

Visit Cubic Escape Sydney’s outer space escape room for a fun and thrilling adventure!

If Project Delta’s space escape room has perked your interest, book now to secure your spot on spaceship Venus. Our space escape room accommodates groups of 2–7 people and is suitable for those aged 12 or older, given that you have at least 2 group members over 15. Please be mindful that parts of the game contain flashing lights and may trigger seizures for people with epilepsy.

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